VIP Foods Kosher, Kosher Foods, where we offer you the best dry mix and ready-to-eat foods around!  Choose from savory soup bases, flavorful dessert jel mixes, moist and easy cake mixes and much more.  From private institutions to supermarkets around the country, we can serve your needs!

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Quality Supermarket Products from
VIP Foods

KoJel Division

These soups are completely instant, requiring the addition of boiling water only. With a nutritious analysis far superior to most other brands on the shelf: only 1 g of fat, no cholesterol, low in calories and made with NO MSG, this product gives the health conscious consumer a hearty, healthy soup, without sacrificing convenience and taste. A far better choice than the calorie and fat laden Ramen style instant soups. Attractively packed in display trays of 12 paperboard cups per case, they can be easily displayed in a supermarket aisle, or packed into the store shelf.  Available in a broad variety of flavors, with noodles, couscous or a selection of vegetables and beans.
KoJel Dessert Jel - The first and still the best!
KoJel...the name brings to mind fine quality desserts from days gone by.  And rightly so.  KoJel has been a household name in Kosher Desserts for over half a century.  Made with a unique blend of vegetable gums, KoJel Dessert jel is virtually indistinguishable from gelatin.   Contains absolutely no animal products, and is suitable for vegetarians.   Available in Sugar Free Diet KoJel too.
KoJel Chicken Consommé
A savory vegetarian chicken soup base, KoJel Consommé contains NO MSG, NO animal products, NO cholesterol, far less sodium than other brands, very little fat and plenty of delicious taste.
KoJel Instant Pudding
These delicious puddings are smooth and creamy, yet easy to make.  Just mix with cold mild.  KoJel Puddings also work well as a stabilizer in Whip Cream.  Send for the free Booklet "KoJel Recipe Collection" for more ideas.
KoJel Hot Chocolate Mix
Kojel's Delious Instant Hot Chocolate Mix is manufactured from the the finest ingredients using only the best grade milk powders, Ideal for a quick drink at home or in office.  Kojel's Instant Hot Chocolate Mix is instant, and needs no milk added to it.
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